​Patient Testimonials for Romeo E. Ramos, DDS

"Dr. Ramos and his staff are very professional and they render excellent service to my family. It makes going to the dentist painless and stress-free. They are very thorough in explaining the dental treatment that suits our needs and our budget. Their facility is very clean and equipped with the latest technology. We truly highly recommend this dental clinic to anyone who demands excellent dental care."

Mary Ann M.

Excellent service!
"My family and I have been with Frontier Dental Care since 1998. Although it's a 45 minute drive from our house, we never thought of transferring to another dentist near our place because we know that we wont get the same excellent service and dental care anywhere else. The dentists and staff are very professional and caring."

Percival P.

Very happy and satisfied with the service
"I have been with Frontier Dental Care since they open their office in 1999 and I am very happy and satisfied with their world class service. Everyone in the office are very helpful and accommodating. They are also kind and very understanding. They explained to me every treatment and how much it will cost me and how much my insurance are going to cover. These helps me budget my financial before I get my treatment. If I don't like to have the treatment they will not force me to get it done. I just let them know when I want it done. I will recommend their office to anyone."

Alvin H.

Very happy :)
"I just visited Frontier Dental Care, for the first time, and found the staff and Dr. Ramos to be nothing but pleasant and helpful with my appointment and future appointments. They were very accommodating to me in every way possible."

A. A.

My New Dentist
My Dad was driving me to the Dentist Office, I was nine years old in Mrs. Takahashi's class. I was nervous because it was my first time at my new dentist.
I was just sitting in the dentist chair, my best friend just walked in front of me. "Hi." We said to each other. His dad is the dentist. The dentist was sticking a needle in my mouth to keep me numb. He put his hand in my mouth and got a grip on my tooth.

YANK!!!! My tooth came out. "Is it over," I asked. "Yes" he said as he handed me a cotton ball. I put it on the hole where my tooth was missing. He handed me a plastic container my tooth was in. He handed me a mirror, I saw a small hole in the left of side my mouth as I opened the container and saw a silver tooth inside. I will never forget the first time I went to my new dentist. His name is Dr. Romeo E Ramos

Samuel Dreher

Dr. Ramos is the best!
"I have had many poor dentist experiences - PAIN and unnecessary procedures. Therefore, I am a big chicken. Today I had a crown repaired after a visit with Dr. Ramos last week for a consult. I sat in the chair stressing and I felt my heart rate increase and my knuckles were white in anticipation of the pain from the local anesthetic injection - WooHoo! I mean I never knew I had an injection at all from that 4 inch needle we all know about. I never felt anything from start to finish. Very thorough and gentle. No rushing and no pain. I was fit with a temporary crown until the new one is complete. Did I mention that I developed a cavity under the crown that was repaired first - again I never felt anything! Awesome. The temporary crown is perfect and was placed with precision. I need other work and we are working on a plan that works best for me. No pressure and no unnecessary dental work. I have been to a couple of dentists in Oakland and was given estimates of $5,000-6,000 and root canals, etc. I had a chance to see my digital x-rays and the reasoning behind the recommended treatments from Dr. Ramos. No radical recommendations, just what I need to stay healthy. I have been trained in veterinary dentistry, which is the same as for us humans, so I can read a dental x-ray and have been trained in the appropriate dental care. No root canals needed, my friends. Interesting how some dentists scare you into unnecessary treatments - Do you think they benefit ($) from the treatments they do? You bet. So be careful and go to Dr. Ramos. Great to find a professional, caring and ethical dentist. Glad I was referred there by friends. The staff is great. Amy will get everything set up for you. I live in Oakland and drive 35 minutes out there happily. The office is professional and comfortable. They make you feel as good as you ca: TVs, shaded glasses for the lights, and caring people. I have a new appreciation for dental care now and look forward to my next dental work with this dental group. I will be patient as long as they will take me! My mouth was only numb for about 2 hours total and I feel great."

Scott C.