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Jul 10 • 2 minute read

The most common thing people want to improve about their smile is its brightness. For a non-invasive treatment that can add shades of brilliance to your smile, Frontier Dental offers professional teeth whitening. Whether you are seeking to regain natural coloration or enhance the brilliance of your dentition, we offer teeth whitening tailored to help you reach your aesthetic goals.

What Does Teeth Whitening Involve?

Our goal is to create the look of a naturally white smile. One of the more popular options offered by Frontier Dental is the take-home treatment system that produces fast, noticeable results. A key to the success of any teeth whitening system is the professional grade whitening agents used. Patients are provided with custom-fitted whitening trays that securely hold the whitening agent against their teeth. 

Starting with your first visit, Dr. Ramos will take impressions of your teeth to manufacture customized whitening trays that enable precise whitening solution application. Once the custom trays have been created, patients will return to our office for the treatment. After this hour-long treatment, patients go home with a noticeably whiter smile.

Whether as a supplement to the in-office service or as the sole recommendation, we will provide you with proper care instructions for safe and effective at-home whitening.  We also encourage regular follow-up visits at our office to monitor progress as well as to assist with any issues that arise during treatment.

Individualized Teeth Whitening Treatment

The amount of time you will wear your tray at home depends on the degree of discoloration and your personal goals. It will range from twice daily wear for 30 minutes to wearing the trays overnight for a period of a few weeks. Some sensitivity is normal after whitening and should subside gradually afterward. Contact Frontier Dental immediately if the sensation does not diminish over time.

Call Today for a Brighter Smile in Concord

While effective, teeth whitening is not a permanent solution. To keep your teeth bright, Dr. Ramos will work with you to provide regular maintenance. It is also important to note that teeth whitening will not change the color of restorations such as fillings or crowns. We may recommend replacing these to give a more consistent, natural appearance to your smile.

Improving the way your smile looks can make you feel more confident. If you’d love to improve the look of your smile, call Frontier Dental and make an appointment for a consultation to learn more about how Dr. Ramos can give you a great-looking smile.

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